PMC Fact.8 Signature and Fact.12 Signature Arrive for Demonstration

You can never have too many speaker choices, so I’m delighted that we have just received the all new Fact signature range; a transmission line design sounding totally different to more common ported speaker designs you will find on other speakers in the showroom. The veneered cabinets all sourced from sustainable forests, hand-selected and book-leaf matched so that each face appears as a perfect mirror image.

Finished with a delicate lacquer to give "faultless, deep and lustrous sheen that will compliment both modern décor and fine, classical furniture" - they do look rather nice! 

We are looking forward to having an open day with PMC soon, so keep an eye on our events page or social media channels. 

PMC are one of the few brands who still use a transmission line, offering bass well beyond their size and certainly beyond their footprint!

Currently on demonstration we now have:

PMC Twenty5:21

PMC Twenty5:22

PMC Twenty5:24

PMC Twenty5:26

PMC Fact.8

PMC Fact.12

PMC Fact.8 Accessories

Unboxing the Facts the attention to detail starts here. A nice little spirit level acts as a polite reminder to start with your speakers equally level (you may change the rake angle later during calibration, but level is a good place to start), a pair of white gloves reminds you to take care, because what you’ve bought is expensive, and the keyring reminds you to keep a hold of your car keys and not throw them in the bowl if you’re at one of those questionable adult soirees, you're a class act now, you own PMC! I digress.

Basic spike shoes included



The spikes are nicely tucked away, so no little accidents here when you unbox them - nicely thought about. 

PMC offers something truly different, a magnificent full and rich sound, easy on the amplifier, and deeper bass than rivals. Their professional credientials speak for themselves, so no jutification about the cost of their parts or ability to design some of the worlds best speakers will be found here. 

If you’re interested in learning more about transmission line speakers, or the sonic differences between ported, sealed, horn, or panels please contact us and we would be delighted to guide you. For more information, or to arrange a demonstration of any PMC product, please contact our Edinburgh or Falkirk stores.