NEW: Neat Acoustics Iota XPLORER Arrives

Today we took delivery of the latest addition to Neat Acoustics “Iota” range, the Xplorer.  

Joining the current line up of the Iota, and award winning Iota Alpha, the Xplorer can be seen here to give you an idea of it’s relative size. Although in comparison to the other two models (which are tiny, by loudspeaker standards) it still has a very small footprint so is going to fit into almost any room, and at a 88dB sensitivity, should run easily from any half-decent sounding amplifier. 

Struan stands at 5'7" tall, so for scale here he is next to the Xplorer.


We have already written favourably about the Iota Alpha, so when Doug Graham (Neat Acoustics Sales Director) brought in the new Xplorer in for our testing, we sat down in a positive frame of mind. Initially, we were running these with a Naim Nova streaming amplifier, and I couldn’t help think that exceptionally high quality sound really can’t get much smaller than this: Connect the Naim to your wifi network, a slim Chord speaker cable to each loudspeaker, stream some music from your hard drive or Tidal account and prepare to lose a couple of hours to listening pleasure.

These speakers are broadly similar to the Iota Alpha, but everything about them has been maxed out. They took an award-winning design and pumped it full of steroids… Yup! Some improvements are obvious, like the bigger 'air motion transformer' tweeter, but some changes run a lot deeper, like the 168mm main drive units, the sealed iso-baric arrangement for the hidden bass driver on the bottom panel and the 18mm cabinet, rather than a 15mm found on the Iota Alpha.

Any bad points? The biggest problem with all three Neat Iota models is that people don’t take them seriously enough. Most of our customers who have bought Neat speakers are buying them because they are small and good quality, but these are great quality speakers despite the fact they are small. I spent a week running the Iota Alpha on our sizeable 7m x 7m shop floor, and not only did they fill that space with sound comfortably, they also gave a decent amount of bass to boot. Simply put, the Neat Iota range shouldn't just be considered for listening in small rooms, but should be considered against the big speaker favourites from B&W, KEF and ATC, forget that these are small and listen to them. 


Below is a graphic of how the Iota range has evolved, starting from the Iota's and ending with the mighty Xplorers.

The Xplorer is on permanent demonstration in our Edinburgh store (and available to hear at Falkirk by appointment). We will be testing them with a range of amplifiers and speaker cables to find the best combinations. In the meantime, if you are interested in booking a listen please contact us, where our friendly team of specialists will give you expert advice, a price to trade-in your old speakers, and further tips on setting these up in your room to get the best performance from your system.  

Neat's Xplorers are definitely one to watch, and not to be overlooked because of their stature, well done Bob Surgeoner (the Neat Acoustics MD). 

For more information about Neat Acoustics click HERE

For more information about Neat Xplorers click HERE


Size (hxwxd): 74 x 30 x 22cm

Weight: 18Kg each

Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum ~5 Ohms)

Sensitivity: 88dB/1 watt

System: 2.5-way, iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer.

Drive units:

1 x Neat P1/R3 170mm LF/Midrange unit

1 x AMT HF unit

2 x Neat P1/R2 170mm LF units.