Melco EX Series Update - What You Need To Know

I know I keep banging on about Melco, but these really are great products. See below the latest software release which further increase the functionality! As always if you would like to come in for a demonstration we would be delighted to show you what they can do. Drag and drop your existing music collection, download directly to, rip directly onto, play back directly or indirectly from the Melco, well built, great sound, super reliable - what's not to like? 

"Melco redefined the real potential of Hi-Res digital music playback over Ethernet or using USB DAC when it was introduced a few years ago.

New software for the user interface on the OLED display gives more detail of status and playback, with internationalisation covering most metadata requirements, along with advanced options for the CD import and archiving process.

Internet Radio is fully supported using the Melco Music HD App...

Main Features
• Browse and Search Profiles: Jazz, Rock,

Classical, Simple

• Browse and Search in any order

• One button: ‘Add Missing Album art’

• One button: ‘Find additional metadata’

• One button: ‘Replace all metadata with new’

• Classical tagging at Work level, not Album

• New tagged metadata available to other player systems: multiroom or car

• Tagged metadata is now totally consistent across the whole Melco library

• Composer automatically added to Work Title in case of Classical

• Simple web tool for manual edits of a single album or change album art

• Will present overview of complete library in fine detail as web page or spreadsheet before and after processing

• User configurable in all aspects by subscription to SongKong for Melco and Minimserver2.

Melco Intelligent Music Library

Locating music for play on any digital music system relies on being able to Browse using the metadata tagging of the original music files.

If the metadata is incomplete or inaccurate, then finding music becomes quite difficult.

The solution is Melco Intelligent Music Library.

Incomplete or inaccurate Metadata can be manually re- tagged. This is very time consuming, but by applying a well thought-out set of rules a consistent library can be achieved.

Melco automates the process of re-tagging, using a variety of additional databases and sophisticated algorithms to intelligently replace (or supplement) the original metadata. To achieve this Melco uses SongKong – a very clever automatic re-tagging engine that has previously been available to Melco users only on a networked computer. Now the Melco EX series machines are shipped with SongKong installed and configured for simple operation.

Even when the music library is properly tagged, success in finding music still depends on the UPnP server which interfaces between the music metadata and the user and control App.

In recent years the preferred choice of UPnP server for serious audio has been MinimServer. A unique collaboration between MinimServer and Melco has resulted in MinimServer being the new UPnP server for Melco EX Series.

The advantages of MinimServer are many, and they all work towards what MinimServer refers to as Intelligent Browsing. Finding music can now be by Browse, or Search or both, in whatever order is most effective.

This is quite different to all normal UPnP servers, and means that music can be located without having to go backwards in the Browse process.

All the above is advanced technology, but still fails to take account of one variable – the user and the type of music! When Browsing for Jazz the selection of fields on
the App needs to be quite different to that for Rock

and Pop – for example Jazz requires an awareness of Track Artists and guests.

Classical is different again, with necessary search fields including Composer, Conductor, Ensemble etc.

So Browse Profiles are easily set on the front OLED of the Melco for Rock and Pop, Jazz, Classical and a simple Generic setting for casual use.

Classical music fans will be pleased to see another innovation.

Classical CDs generally contain more than one work, eveniftheComposeristhe same. Ormaybethe composer is different? So although Melco Intelligent Music Library works at the CD or album level with Rock and Jazz, for Classical the Browse and Search is now basedonWorksratherthantheCD. Atalltimesthe complete CD can be easily identified and played, but the likelihood is that the user is searching for a specific work, rather than a CD or Album. This makes

it simple to find an overture that was hidden between two Symphonies for example.

In summary, by using MinimServer to Browse and Search the new tagging implemented automatically by SongKong finding any music within the largest library becomes simple.

Additional user defined profiles are easily
added by subscribing to MinimServer 2 at -
Many additional metadata management features including a one-press deletion of duplicates, and the ability to add embedded metadata to Naim rips are available by subscribing to Songkong at -

Internet Radio powered by vTuner

Using a USB-connected DAC with Melco, controlled by Melco Music HD App on an iPad, internet radio becomes a convenient and easy to use digital source. Featuring intuitive searching by Genres, regions and broadcasters. Individual stations can be stored as convenient playlists." 

For more information on Melco products please look at our Melco Blog, check out our Melco product page, or contact us with any questions you might have.