Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Is More Than Meets The Eye

When Harbeth decided to update their flagship monitor, the M40.2 (£10,595+), it was the talk of the town among hi-fi enthusiasts. Recently, I've the ultimate pleasure of listening to the M40.2 with an exceptionally good Naim system, which consisted of the NAP 300 (£7,295) and the NAC-N 272 (£3,400). Utilizing the streamer in the 272 made for a clean and tidy system. The Naim had no difficulty in driving the Harbeth speakers and was at ease moving their 300mm bass driver.

Known for their highly detailed sound, the Naim was able to highlight different aspects of the music than my current reference system (Arcam SR250/Naim ND5 XS/Harbeth SHL5plus) at home highlights. It was great to hear how the M40.2 sounded with the Naim - it created this synergy that can only be described as wonderfully musical with expansive soundstage that was holographical, detailed, and rhythmically pleasing.

Where M40.2 really shines as a speaker for me is in the midrange - all the characteristics I love about my SHL5plus (£3,279+) are inherently part of the M40.2's sound. However, by the use of the 300mm drive unit to take care of the most demanding low frequencies, it seems to free up the 200mm Radial driver (of Harbeth's own design) allowing it to break open a door that reveals and articulates ever so much more than my SHL5plus. This, of course, is expected with the price difference, but yet I have to admit it caught me off guard as I listened to tracks I've heard thousands of times and, hearing pieces of the music that've been previously overlooked.

The midrange on the M40.2 is incredibly transparent and revealing in a very organic way; I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of what this speaker is capable of. To fully understand the true limitations of this speaker are I think I'm going to have to invest many pleasurable hours listening - of which I really look forward to...

I will keep you all posted as I experiment with Harbeth's flagship speaker. But in the meantime, if you are interested in a demonstration of the M40.2 please contact us. 

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