Franco-Serblin speakers descended on Joppa from Heaven.

Three speakers from the Franco-Serblin four speaker line-up are now on demonstration at Hi-Fi Corner, the Accordo Essence, Accordo and the daddy of them all, the Ktema.



The Italian founder, Franco-Serblin was also responsible for the renown Sonus Faber brand. So here we have pedigree in spadefuls. It's pure craftsmanship at its most creative. A truly stunning marque.





My immediate (and on-going) reaction on seeing the line-up was Wow!, Wow! Wow! I saw a faultless standard of engineering and stunning design. It struck me how unobtrusive all three models appeared in a moderately sized room, without compromising LF and a huge sound-stage. The visual impression is largely attributable to the narrow front grille of the designs.


In the case of the Ktema the lateral concave panels flare outwards toward the rear with two side firing nine inch bass drivers. The Ktema has five drivers in all including two four inch midrange units and a 28mm tweeter. Common to all three models is a super-rigid solid wood cabinet decoupled with aluminium-magnesium parts to obtain resonance control. Of course the crossover units employ only high quality carefully selected components and judging by the small number on the circuit boards, is desirably of a low order slope.

The Accordo Essence is another, smaller floor standing model with three drivers. It has all the finesse and spaciousness of the Ktema, and whilst understandably a little lighter on the LF, still produces an amazingly realistic sound picture coupled with the neutral perfect frequency balance we recorded music lovers crave. The Accordo is a two drive stand-mount speaker with rear firing ports. Rather cleverly, the stand encases the low-order crossover to avoid unwanted vibration from the mid-woofer.

I auditioned the Ktema using classical recordings very familiar to myself, and I have to say that the level of detail was sublime. High frequencies smooth as silk and the LF perfectly controlled. Unless you're in a huge room where seriously large quantities of air need to be shifted, or into bass-heavy Metal, it really doesn't get better than this.


Struan had an excellent set-up in the showroom comprising a DCS Rossini front-end with the excellent Ayon Crossfire integrated amp. Certainly not an inexpensive system but not cataclysmically so for a truly breathtaking sound experience. The stand-mount speakers in the photo awaiting their turn are the Accord. A big, big sound from such a diminutive eclosure.

Why not book an appointment at Hi-Fi Corner for your own immersive demonstration? Take a few beloved CD's along. I absolutely promise that you cannot fail to be impressed with what you'll hear. And at this time of telephone-number prices for some high-end speakers, you will see that Franco-Serblin are truly value for money too.