Chord Electronics DAVE - Put On Cords, Connect Your Chord Cables, and Listen to Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics DAVE now available for demonstration

DAVE has finally made it in-store and the whole team is seriously impressed by it. DAVE (Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremisis) is Chord Electronics’ latest generation digital-to-analogue convertor and at its heart is a unique, proprietary FGPA (Field Programmable Gate Array) which offers more than ten times the capacity of its predecessor and far more processing power than most Wolfson or Burr Brown chip sets. What this means is that this little beast will go a long, long way to making the most of your digital collection.

Aesthetics and Electronics perfectly combined

At this price point you expect perfection and DAVE does not disappoint. Housed in a sleek metal casing the front has a clear display, minimalist buttons to navigate the menu system, the all-important volume control and a headphone output. The back panel is reassuringly busy with a wide variety of inputs (USB, 2x optical, 1 x AES, 4 x Coax) and outputs (2 x RCA Phono, 2 x Balanced XLR and 2 ultra high speed coax for integration with as yet unannounced Chord Electronics products) to allow you to integrate it into your own personal set-up. And if that set-up includes sitting several feet away it comes with a remote control that will work with any other Chord Electronics products you already own.

The LX75 version of the Spartan 6 FGPA lies inside and weaves the magic. It is incredibly capable (ten times more capable than the QBD76) and offers improved timing and the best noise-shaper performance I've heard. 

The benefit of a Digital to Analogue converter

A digital-to-analogue converter is a now essential piece of kit as more and more music is stored digitally. Our ears hear an analogue signal and the DAC creates an analogue waveform from those digital tracks. This is the one place that more really does mean better. More processing power here means a more natural sound at the end of the day. 

Customisation options

Once set up, DAVE offers a system of menus to allow further customisation of the sound output. You can turn on a sharp high frequency cut-off filter (set at 60kHz), choose the absolute signal phase on the analogue outputs, toggle between DSD+ or PCM+ Mode and set up Dual Data Mode on the BNC inputs. You can also choose one of three colour schemes for the display or “gold message mode” which keeps the display off unless the sample rate, input or volume changes which could be a good option for darkened listening rooms.

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