Naim Solstice Special Edition Turntable

This Is Huge!!!


Every now and then we come across some truly mind-blowing news. Here in case is possibly the most important announcement from probably the most respected manufacturer in audiophile history.


Naim Audio have always been famous for their love of Vinyl playback. From their superb design ethos of the super dynamic phono stages, to the application of turntable power supplies, and my personal favourite, the seminal Naim ARO, a bench mark in the history of hi-fidelity. When I heard the news that there could be a new phono stage, power supply, and a new ARO MK2, I couldn’t believe it! Then I learnt the full impact. There’s now something to connect it all together…


Welcome to the Naim Solstice.


A new complete Turntable source of the highest order. Let the sun rise, and fall, and let the seasons change and you’ll still be transfixed in to the world of truly astounding vibrations…


Oh I’ve gone all Stonehenge, or is it the new Equinox cartridge?


Limited to only 500 Special Editions, Hifi Corner are proud to announce that we could be congratulating you on your next procurement of optically controlled Vinyl excellence.


Hats off to the boffins at Salisbury in connecting the grooves, levitating the bearing, and realising the design we’ve all been waiting for, for 50 years!!!


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