Mighty Muse Arriving Soon

As part of our new refrence cinema system, we are delighted to be appointed exclusive dealer for the Acurus Muse surround processor. 

"Few surround processing solutions have the capabilities and engineering mastery of the Acurus Muse. The Muse immersive media room processor boasts 112 surround speaker layouts available to choose from, including 52 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive speaker layouts -- up to an amazing 15.1 configured immersive audio media room. Setting up any of these layouts is a snap with an intuitive UI available both on the front panel and via a refreshingly simple-to-use mobile app.

System integration and control is simplified through many 3rd party control system solutions supported by the Muse.

From the outside, the Acurus Muse is a stunning product to showcase in any premium media room application. Extremely compact, the Muse stands just 2RU tall but delivers more features and audio purity in its sleek frame than any other media room solution to date.

The Muse is HDMI 2.0b (2.1 ready) and HDCP 2.2 compliant, offering the highest level of HDR support, and with ultra-fast audio format switching, the Muse immersive processor ushers the legendary audio quality of Acurus products into the diverse media room applications found in today’s premium connected home.

Both 3rd-party room tuning systems as well as Acurus’ own room correction technology, ASPEQT, is supported in Muse, so any media room is primed for optimization and unleashing of the breathtaking Acurus sound."

More information and pricing can be found here

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration