New - Full range of Naim Network Streamers, including ND555

New - Full range of Naim Network Streamers, including ND555

Today Naim announce the replacement to the popular ND5XS, NDX and NDS network streamers, in the form of the ND5 XS 2, NDX 2 and ND 555. 

Information is still limited, as the products are in their final development phase. But I will update this page as and when more information becomes available. 

We already have an upgrade program in place for our existing ND5XS, NDX and NDS customers - so please contact us if you are interested in per-ordering the new model. Naim have been manufacturing some of the best sounding streaming sources for some years now, and we are excited to test these and hear the improvements. 


Jan 2018 Statement

Here is the statement from Naim which I found on the forums today, very exciting news. I know a little more than is being revealed here, but I'm sworn to secrecy... Join us on the 26th of June for our Naim streaming event. Details coming soon. 

"The ND 555 (pictured) is a real product and will be launched and delivered this year. We (Naim Audio) will show it at Sound and Vision – The Bristol Show this month, but at present we have no plans to demonstrate it. The team are still working very hard to prepare the product for our intended plans, but events are as they are, so the very least we can do is confirm the existence of the product at this time for all interested parties. Experience from recent events has made us consider how and when we release and launch products. As such, we will only publicly demo the ND 555 when we are confident that we have extracted every last drop of the emotional connection to music I know you and I expect from a Naim 500 Series product."

March 2018 Statement

Naim has officially confirmed the below products, which we should expect to see shortly after the discontinuation of the NDS.

It has been an exciting month at Naim. We officially announced the launch of our brand new Network Players at the Sound & Vision Bristol Hi-Fi Show on 23rd February. The ND 555, NDX 2 and ND5 XS 2 will supersede our original line of streamers and feature a host of advanced features that will delight the eyes and ears.

Read their full article here.

I will update this page as I am allowed, but if you are interested in this product contact us to register your interest. We will be offering a generous trade in on your existing Naim streamer, finance options as well home demonstration. We are Edinburgh and Falkirk's exclusive Naim retailer with a full range of products on permanent demonstration. 

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